Juice WRLD is wasting no time. The rapper had a banner year in 2018, breaking out with one of the most unlikely sounding No. 1 hits in recent memory. He's trying to keep that same energy (read: really sad) in 2019 with a Valentine's Day drop of a song about a woman literally stealing his heart. The rapper just shared the Cole Bennett-directed video for "Robbery."

Everyone involved in the new clip is doing what they do to the best of their abilities. Bennett brings his after-effects-addled eye to yet another Juice WRLD track, providing it with the same bugged out visual energy he brought to the rapper's big hit "Lucid Dreams." The video is actually subdued compared to other Bennett efforts, with every scene getting a splash of flames but very little in the way of the warping and neon that he made his name on.  The track itself carries on in the same vein as other Juice tracks, with the artist wailing over a broken heart while trying to put on a tough face. 

Juice says he'll "flex on a hoe every time they’re insecure," but still finds time to deliver a line like "she told me put my heart in the bag and nobody gets hurt" without so much as a smirk. It's enough to give the listener whiplash, if the never-static shots of Bennett won't do it first.


"Robbery" is the latest single off of WRLD's upcoming release Deathrace for Love. The rapper said that he sees the album being more than 20 tracks long in a recent interview with Zane Lowe so fans of Juice should ready their appetites. Give "Robbery a listen up top and get ready for Deathrace on March 8.