Eazy-E will soon have a bench erected in his honor in England—Newhaven, Sussex, specifically—following a fan's wildly successful campaign.

"It's a great day not just for myself but for the future of Newhaven," the fan in question, Guy Stevens, told The Argus Tuesday. "I might push for someone to fly over from America for the ceremony."

Just last week, Stevens called upon the Newhaven Town Council to honor the late N.W.A legend with a statue. The council, who admitted to the press of having "no idea" who Eazy-E is, ultimately decided against the statue but will allow Stevens to raise money for the bench. The council has also since successfully utilized Google to inform themselves of the Eazy-E legacy. Quite sadly, however, they didn't walk away from that experience as new fans of the Eazy catalog.

Stevens is already in the process of fundraising for the memorial with designs on also helping out a charity with any surplus funds after the £2,000 (approximatley $2,613) goal is met. According to Stevens, any additional funds will be distributed to "an AIDS charity in Brighton of my choosing as Eazy-E sadly passed away from this terrible disease in 1995."

As for the bench victory, Stevens spoke with an existentially rewarding sense of whateverness about the whole thing. "It's better than nothing which is pretty much all Newhaven has," he said, adding that anyone upset about the impending bench memorial likely leads a pretty empty life.

At the time of this writing, the GoFundMe for the bench had raised just under £570 in two days.