Doja Cat has followed the release of her Rico Nasty-featuring song “Tia Tamera” with a video.

After dropping the song on Wednesday, Doja released the vibrant, candy-colored visual on Thursday, where we see Doja and Rico playing a game show alongside their doppelgängers. Interspersed between the game show scenes are shots of the two being chauffeured around in a drop top. At the end, Doja and Rico pour neon yellow slime on the game show host.

Doja Cat was all anyone could talk about last summer, when she released the video for her hit song “Mooo!” Dressed up in a cow suit, the Los Angeles artist spent nearly five minutes dancing in front of cow-related imagery as she uttered catchphrases like, "Bitch I'm a cow!" Within days of it being uploaded, the lo-fi video went viral.

Following the release of the video, old tweets—which have since been deleted—surfaced where Doja used a homophobic slur. She subsequently tried to apologize for her language, while also kind of not apologizing.

Later, Doja shared a statement on Twitter apologizing for her words. “I truly apologize to anyone that I've offended or deeply hurt with my words,” she wrote. However, her tweet was later deleted.