Tiana Major9's unique brand of jazzy R&B is awe-inspiring. Making her way into the music game back in 2014, Tiana has been bubbling on the live circuit ever since. She's been backed by the MOBO Awards (runner-up in their UnSung competition) and even had a song named after her by Brit rapper SNE. It was in 2017, however—when Tiana dropped "Merry Go", her official debut single—that we were properly introduced to her penchant for jazz-inspired melodies and '90s-tinged hip-hop beats. It's a sound which Tiana developed and expanded on with Rehearsal @ Nine, her recently-released debut EP, where we got to hear her rhyme and flow on cuts like "Levee: Let It Break" and "Dearest Dystopia". This one's about ready for the big time!

A must-hear: "Merry Go"

"'Merry Go' started out as a jazz standard I was working on for a university assignment, which was taken into a studio session I had that same week. We sat on the track for a whole year before we decided to release it."—Tiana Major9