It looks like the smoke hasn't entirely cleared between intergenerational hip-hop aliens Young Thug and Lil Wayne. According to a recent Instagram Live from Thug's girlfriend Jerrika, Weezy is still a little heated over the rapper's decision to create a series of albums riffing on the name of his Carter series. 

In the video, Jerrika repeatedly asked a distracted Thug what the hold-up was on his album Barter 7. She tells him that the viewers on her video are asking where the album is. The third time she asks, Thug looks up from his phone and mumbles "Lil Wayne trying to sue me for that."

Young Thug initially planned on naming his 2015 effort Carter 6, a clear prod at Wayne who was still in the midst of fighting to get Tha Carter V released. He backed away from the name after Wayne threatened a lawsuit, instead going with the one-letter-off title.

"Can’t name the mixtape Carter 6 because these f—k ass n——s tryin’ to sue just like some hoes,” Thug said in an Instagram video from April of that year. "Big ol’ Blood so...Barter 6 on the f-ckin’ way.” 

Thug announced a follow-up all the way back in 2017, but so far he has failed to deliver. Clearly he's running into the same issues now that he did all the way back then. It seems like Wayne still isn't all the way cool with the name.  But for fans who are crying out, it's not like Thug has been sleeping. He's dropped something like 10 projects since Barter 6, including his most recent project On The Rvn in September.