Tyler, the Creator Shares 'Random Thought' on Racists

Illegal Civ takes fans behind the scenes of Jonah Hill's 'Mid90s' and announces a new limited edition tee.

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Illegal Civilization just dropped a new Mid90s-centered clip from their upcoming IC3 skate video.

Na-kel Smith, Ryder Mclaughlin, Sunny Suljic, Kevin White, and Aramis Hudson all make appearances in the clip. Mid90s writer/director Jonah Hill is also heavily featured, seen here on smoke breaks between takes and bonding with the cast and crew. The three-minute clip also includes quick pop-ins from Frank Ocean and Tyler, the Creator.

For Tyler's part, fans are given a glimpse at a discussion-in-progress on TV news conditioning and racism. "You fucking go on TV and there's a fucking dog attacking someone, every time you turn on the TV it's a fucking dog, 'A dog bit a five-year-old today! . . .  When you go outside and you see a fucking dog, the only thing you know about dogs is that it fucking bites people," Tyler says in the clip. "And it made me think . . . Are some people genuinely racist or is it all that they've seen of it? Just a random thought."

Catch the full clip up top.

Illegal Civ founder Mikey Alfred, of course, boasts a producer credit on Hill's film and recently revealed he's still trying to secure financing for a film of his own tentatively titled North Hollywood. Monday, Alfred and the team unveiled a collaborative Mid90s t-shirt that's only available for a super limited time:

See more images of the tee below. Mid90s is now available via VOD services.


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