6ix9ine looked happy and healthy in a photo shared by his current girlfriend Jade. But at least one person wasn't happy to see the incarcerated artist looking hale and hearty: Daniel Hernandez's baby mama. She went live on Instagram with an emotional update, calling out 6ix9ine for cavorting with his new bae. 

At issue for 6ix9ine's ex Sara was the invective and attacks she was receiving from 6ix9ine fans. Sara said that all the negativity wasn't worth it, especially when 6ix9ine doesn't seem to be supporting their daughter. She said that the Dummy Boy artist had changed rapidly thanks to his sudden explosion in mainstream popularity. 

"People want to be like 'Oh, you just have a baby.' No, I had seven years with a person," she said, through tears. "In a matter of a year, I seen everything make him the ugliest person ever. If you want that, you can have that. I don't care. I just want my daughter to be good and that's it." 

The tearful rant seems to have been sparked by Jade's Instagram post. 


Jade responded to the accusations that 6ix9ine is not supportive in a comment on Instagram. 


6ix9ine was jailed in November on racketeering and firearms charges. However, his lawyer Lance Lazzaro claims he's working on a $1.5 million bail package that could free the rapper before his trial begins in September. As TMZ reported, Lazzaro would need to prove that 6ix9ine was not a flight risk or a danger to the public. The attorney is expected to file a motion about the package ahead of 6ix9ine's next court date, later this month.