True to the nature of R. Kelly's scandals, a video tape has surfaced that lays to rest claims made by Kelly's lawyers that he did not know Aaliyah was underage when their relationship began. 

In the video unearthed by TMZ, Kelly clearly states in that he is aware that his soon-to-be wife is 14 years old. 

"Right now I'm producing a very talented lady — a young lady," R. Kelly narrates during a scene from a 1994 documentary. "She's 14, Aaliyah."

This coincided the story told by R. Kelly's former tour manager Demetrius Smith who detailed on Lifetime's Surviving R. Kelly how he helped Kelly forge documents in order to marry Aaliyah after Kelly confided in Smith that the then15-year-old could possibly be pregnant. It also goes against claims made by R. Kelly's lawyer Steven Greenberg who told ABC that Aaliyah lied to Kelly about her age because his client had "no idea."

After being made aware of the video, Greenberg has since retracted these statements explaining that he misspoke and that he and his client have never talked about Aaliyah's age. 

"That was 20 years ago. I didn't know him 20 years ago, I didn't represent him 20 years ago. And, I wasn't invited to any wedding," Greenberg told TMZ before insisting that his client has "never" been with an underage girl.