Def Jam rapper Maxo has been quietly releasing off-kilter lo-fi rap for a few years now, but 2019 will be the year more people will start to notice his talents. To kick off 2019, he released his most-polished song yet with the gorgeous "Time," and now he's matching its sleepy atmosphere with a dreamlike video.

The video suits the textured track wonderfully, complimenting its inviting sounds. With the swirling camera and gentle color pallette, it's the perfect introduction to Maxo's music. "'Time' is just portrait into my life, how I see things," Maxo explained. 

On his 2016 track "Only N***as in Coach," Maxo rapped, "I'll probably never get a deal/But if I do I hope it's Def Jam." Talk about willing his future into existence.

Watch the video for "Time" at the top, and check out two other songs from the rising rapper above.