Lauren Jauregui has released the follow-up to “Expectations,” her 2018 debut solo single.

The former Fifth Harmony singer released “More Than That” on Thursday night, after dropping several teasers on social media. Not only did she unveil the track’s Botticelli-esque cover art, Jauregui also dished about the song’s inspiration.

“Aphrodite (the Greek goddess of love and beauty) has been my goddess of inspiration for this round,” the singer said on Instagram Live this week. “She’s very sensual. She’s about love. She’s about connection with pleasure and self […] and that was really important to me.”

Jauregui said she penned the song two or three years ago, and that it’s a “sassy” song about flirtation. She performed “More Than That” during the MTV Election Afterparty back in November.

You can check out the new single on all major streaming platforms. Jauregui is now gearing up to release a proper full-length solo album, which will presumably include “Expectations” and “More Than That.”