Tory Lanez is the subject of yet another diss track. 

The Brampton artist nabbed headlines this week after exchanging several shots with Don Q. Lanez's most recent lyrical attack, "Don Queen," challenged the NYC rapper's relevancy, questioned his successes, and disrespected his relationship with Bronx artist Dream Doll

"You paid Dream Doll for a feature to get the pussy," Lanez raps. "And somehow you think you fuckin' with me/The first night I seen Dream Doll I fucked her for free."

Dream Doll clearly didn't appreciate the name-drop. On Tuesday, the rapper/reality TV star responded with "On Ya Head"—a two-minute-plus diss track that samples 50 Cent's "I'll Whip Your Head Boy." Dream Doll details her alleged sexual encounter with Lanez before issuing another warning:

"The same night I met Tory, had him eating my box," Dream spits. "Eating my ass and try to suck my feet through my socks/Don't ever say my name on a record, you tryna get props?/'Cause the day I feel disrespected, I make you my opps."


— DreamDoll (@realdreamdoll) January 29, 2019

Dream Doll goes on to deny ever having sex with Don, and claims Lanez once asked her for a devil's threeway: "Only n***a I ever f*cked that wanted a threesome with another n***a." She also referenced Lanez's upcoming Assassination Vacation Tour with Drake: "You finally got a tour with Drizzy, now keep his dick outta your mouth."

I was just minding my business guys !!! 🥳🥳🤫

— DreamDoll (@realdreamdoll) January 29, 2019

Keep my name out cha mouth BELOVED !

— DreamDoll (@realdreamdoll) January 29, 2019

Let's see if Lanez responds.