In an era where the recent string of up-and-coming hip-hop acts have been considered “SoundCloud rappers,” Blueface is not only embracing the moniker, he’s putting the audio distribution platform’s logo on his body. The Los Angeles native took to his Instagram Stories to show off his new SoundCloud tattoo while mentioning that the site has changed his life.

The stereotypical SoundCloud rapper has been spun off into this subgenre of artists that possess a certain look with colored dreads and face tattoos. Their music typically features songs that are melodic in nature while still being loosely tethered to their hip-hop. The content typically consists of an emotional weight that comes from growing up during their most formative years in a time where genres, such as emo and punk, were on the rise. It has been primarily looked upon and cast in a negative light, but when you see the mainstream success of artists like Juice WRLD and Ski Mask The Slump God, it’s hard to ignore the potential life-altering impact that SoundCloud can have if an artist’s song(s) hit.

Blueface has become one of those success stories. Whether you like his music or not, he has developed a loyal following, and turned his lofty aspirations into a career that has, in the words of the man himself, “changed my life.” It would be easy to dismiss his latest tat as being nothing more than just a new piece of ink, but for Blueface, SoundCloud will always have a place in his life as the medium that made his wildest dreams come true.