One of my favorite Blueface songs is “Put in Her Face.” It’s just as disrespectful as it sounds. And when Blueface initially dropped it, he used a dick pic as the cover art. “I sho’ the fuck did,” he said in an interview with Refuse Media. “And that blew a nigga up.”

Here’s the story: Somebody on Instagram commented that he wore fake chains. So he took a shower (a “golden shower,” in his words, but he really didn’t mean that) with all of his jewelry on. He even brushed his teeth with his grill in. Blueface recorded and uploaded all of this to his IG story, but he didn’t notice the unfortunate camera angle. “Somebody got this perfect ass angle, screenshot, a nigga dick looking hurt,” he said. “Looking like I’m finna lose it all.” Instead of letting the internet shame him into oblivion, he decided to flip the script. “If I’mma go out with a dick pic, it’s gonna be a good one. So I had to ‘Put It in Her Face.’”

The following quote, from an interview with SLAP Media, says it all: “It’s only two things a nigga care about: my dick and my son.”