Back in September, Travis Scott offered to make t-shirts for the 2019 graduating class of Eisenhower High School. It looks like Scott has made good on that promise, delivering custom shirts to the Houston teens inspired by his Astroworld tour merch.

Check them out:


— TRAVIS SCOTT (@trvisXX) December 17, 2018

This all happened after senior Sandra Vasquez sent a tweet to Scott, asking him for permission to use his album cover on a design made by students. "Can you please grant us permission to use your cover for our senior shirts for our graduating class of 2019 in Houston, Tx @ Eisenhower High School?" she wrote.  

The Houston-raised rapper responded quickly, offering to design his own custom shirts for the students. "I'll just design them for u guys and send a box thru how about that?" he replied.

At the time, Vasquez told XXL that she and her other classmates were “shook.” "We love Travis and all he does for Houston,” she said.

Now Vasquez and her peers are the envy of high school seniors across the country. Trav gifted the class of ragers a tan design that says “Wish You Were Here” and “Seniors Eisenhower High” on the front, with his signature globe. The back features a huge “2019” with the phrase “enjoy the ride.” It also includes a signature from the rapper that reads “sincerely, Travis Scott.”

Understandably, several Eisenhower seniors went on social media to show off their custom shirts. Check out a few reactions below.