As expected, bangers are on the menu for the next Swae Lee solo project.

Asked about nerves and whatnot connected with Swaecation in a new interview with Billboard's Bianca Gracie, Lee argued that the project's futurism may have been lost on some and teased what's ahead. "I understood the music and wanted the world to digest it," he said. "But it might’ve been ahead of its time! People may have to go back in two years to appreciate it to the max, you know what I'm saying? Even though it did pretty good—I always looked at the numbers—I saw it in my head doing better."

But fear not, as Lee is aiming to go full-blown with the follow-up. Describing what's next as "the most stupid solo project ever," Lee suggested the quite immediately influential three-disc approach to Rae Sremmurd's SR3MM may have been a Swaecation deterrent.

"When the fans access music, it has to be so easy for them to get to," he said. "I had Swaecation in the mix of SR3MM, and that was 27 songs in total, so people may not have known to get right to Swaecation. I'm just gonna make things more accessible and make a real solo project, maybe about 12 songs. Just all bangers!"

Lee—who's working with Mike Will Made-It, Metro Boomin, Chase the Money, and more on the new project—is aiming for an early 2019 drop date. "With this project, I'm not playing," he added. "I'm stepping on n****s' throats. I'm gonna up the standards for these 2010-whatever artists. I'm gonna push the music forward." For the full interview, which thankfully includes an update on those pet monkeys, click here.

For now, fans can bide time with the just-released pair of Rae Sremmurd holiday cuts.