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Summer Bunni has another message for Cardi B: back off. 

During a recent tell-all interview with Hollywood Life, the 20-year-old Instagram model spoke about her and Offset's alleged relationship, as well as the backlash she has received since admitting to the affair. Summer insists she was trying to do the right thing by publicly apologizing to Cardi; however, she has since decided to rescind her apology after receiving hate.

"I wanted to be the first person to, like, be real about it, and be like, 'I'm sorry.' But people took that and, like, tried to test me, like I'm just nothing," Summer said (1:15). "So I take the apology back, 'cause it's just messed up. It's really messed up."

Summer went on to suggest Cardi was somehow behind her supposed Instagram issues. She claimed that her original account disappeared out of nowhere and that the new one is constantly being censored. Summer didn't specifically name Cardi as the source of her social media problems, but it's clear who she's blaming.

"Everything I post gets deleted. And people wanna say, 'Oh, this person was stoppin' my bags.' Or 'This person is doing this,'" Summer explained. "You forever gonna make me a topic, so you might as well just leave me alone. I'm over here—I'm just really tryin' to focus on my music."

Summer then suggested Cardi stop "going back and forth" with her and instead work on repairing her marriage.

"I wish they would get back together. Just get back with him," said Summer, who recently claimed Cardi was blocking her tell-all interview with Power 106. "Just get back with your man, and just stop [...] Everything that you try to do, I know. So just stop [...] What else do you want from me? I said sorry, and that wasn't enough."

She went on to say that she is hurt by the criticism she's received on social media, as she never meant any harm by going public with her claims. Summer also said that the alleged affair spanned over a year, and reiterated her claims that she didn't know Offset and Cardi were in a serious relationship.

Summer was then asked about the threesome allegations involving her, Offset, and Cuban Doll. She said the rumors were true, and that she had sexual relations with the Migos rapper multiple times. Though she clearly isn't happy about how the relationship unfolded, Summer said she still has respect for Offset and misses him. 

As her feelings toward Cardi? Summer suggested she just wants to bury the hatchet, as "the girls are never supposed to be beefin'."

"I really was sorry, at that time. I really felt bad," said Summer, who also accused Offset of having multiple mistresses. "You got an apology. No woman ever gonna do that. None of them [other] girls, none of these people, ever gonna apologize. You got an apology, you should've just took that and been cool. But since you just wanna be so immature and unprofessional [...] I'm over it."

You can watch the full interview above.