As she prepares to release her new 5-track EP, Narcissus, tomorrow (Dec. 7), Alice D shares the lead single "Mama Said" today. The project as a whole explores the themes of growing up, relationships and the many ups and downs that come throughout those journeys. "Mama Said" is a flawless example of the songstress' songwriting prowess, as well as defiant vocals over world-building production that culminate in her marking out a lane all of her own.

Speaking about the track, she told Complex:

"'Mama Said' is about being young and inexperienced with relationships. It highlights the downside of unrequited love, the isolation you feel and the agonising thoughts and feelings of hopelessness you have. Wishing the 'relationship' would turn into something more when, in reality, the guy only wants you for one thing. Your Mama knew this from the start but you ignored her advice, and later regretted it."

Listen exclusively below.

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