UPDATED 3:10 p.m. ET: Obie Trice has apologized for his homophobic comments at a show earlier this week. "First of all, I want to apologize to anyone I offended out there," he said via Instagram. "I understand the different perspectives and not wanting to be called any slurs."

"But I'm a hip-hop artist, and everything can't be taken so seriously. I didn't say anything [the other night] to purposely offend anybody. I have no bias towards the [LGBTQ] community," he continued. "The gay people I know we bullshit like that wit it, that's how we talk. Thank you and continue to spread love."

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Obie Trice launched into a nonsensical rant at a show earlier this week, during which he made multiple homophobic and transphobic remarks. He also used a homophobic slur.

Footage from the show, shot from the perspective of the somewhat subdued crowd, has surfaced via Reddit. 

"The state's trying to bully you into respecting this gay shit," Trice is seen telling the crowd. "I don't fuck with the f*g shit. I'm sorry to anybody that likes to...suck men's dicks, I don't fuck with it. I could have a conversation with you but I don't fuck with what you do. Pussy only. Pussy only. And listen, you men that changed your body to be women, you can never be a motherfuckin' woman."

Trice then attempted to connect his comments to the recent Kevin Hart and Oscars controversy. "But we supposed to respect gay and they took my man Kevin Hart, [he] had to duck down [and] get off the Oscars because of this," he said. Trice, who's currently on the road for a Cheers anniversary tour, made the comments during a show earlier this week in Toronto.

So far, Trice's homophobic and transphobic remarks have been met with rebuke from listeners on Reddit and elsewhere. "So weird how dude fell off," one fan said. "Shame he is saying dumb shit. Wasted talent."

At the time of this writing, Obie Trice had not provided additional comment via a statement or social media update. His most recent activity was an Instagram post about the Cheers tour.