Producer: Eminem, Luis Resto
Album: Cheers
Label: Shady/Interscope
This one is strictly for the ladies. Every couple in a relationship needs good communication, and Obie Trice and Eminem have been kind enough to provide women interested in dating them a few rules ("Poke ya nose in and outta Obie's own/No, I'm in and out your home") and things to expect ("You don't think you're leavin' this house in that, do you?/Not till I brand my name on your ass and tattoo you/And have you walkin' out this bitch in turtleneck sweaters/Scarves and full leathers in 90-degree weather"). The happy-go-lucky beat and friendly soul claps are irresistible. But the way that Eminem seems to be only half-joking about his jealousy makes this one of his more revealing efforts. Don't say we didn't warn you, girl.