Today in Lil Uzi Vert-related news that offers nothing in the way of Eternal Atake specificity, we have word of a default judgment stemming from a canceled show lawsuit.

Uzi has reportedly been ordered by a judge to pay $30,000 after failing to appear in court "for several months" in connection with a lawsuit brought against him by concert promoter VelleBe, according to the Blast. The suit was filed by VelleBe in response to Uzi's alleged skipping on a show in South Padre Island, Texas last March.

According to the suit, Uzi was given a $40,000 down payment for the show at Clayton's Beach Bar but ultimately called off the appearance with one day's notice. Uzi, per the latest report, had been served with legal documents related to the suit but reportedly never responded to them.

As noted by the Blast Sunday, a previous report on the suit inadvertently resulted in the sharing of Uzi's alleged tour rider requests. The rider was submitted in the suit as an exhibit and (among other things) included a half ounce of the "finest, stickiest green," $400 for meals, blue solo cups, cheese pizza, and more.

As for Eternal Atake, your guess is as good if not better than mine. The most recent update, which arrived within hours of another Instagram-teased snippet, seemingly suggested that the wait is not quite near the finish line. "If you waited this long why not wait a little longer," Uzi said in an Instagram story update last week, adding a kissy face and flame emoji.

Still, something has me feeling like we'll still be getting a new Uzi project of some sort before we put 2018 in the ground. We can, after all, do all things through Lucifer who strengthens us.