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Since bursting onto the scene last year, Joyner Lucas has dazzled the hip-hop world with his tongue-twisting lyrics and unique storytelling. As a result he has generated a devoted fan base, which he'll be relying heavily now that he's going off on his own.

On Sunday, Lucas took to Instagram to announce that he's left Atlantic Records to be "100%" independent. 

Joyner began the post by cleverly sliding in his accolades to sooth fans that the ensuing news is not an indictment on his abilities.

"The face of a 2x Grammy nominated, platinum selling, stress free rich n***a," Lucas cheekily wrote.

He then went on to reaffirm that the parting of ways was an amicable decision, stating that Atlantic is a "great record label" with "great people so it's always love." Rather, Joyner explained that his desire to be back on his "independent wave" is based solely on his longing to do things his way. He wrapped up the post by telling fans that his long-awaited ADHD project will be dropping with no major label backing, just the support of his fans.