Although 6ix9ine's social media antics have made him a lot of enemies, his humor and infectious music also generated the rapper an adoring fan base. As a result, a petition was started on in hopes to sway a judge to grant the rapper bail in his racketeering case. At the time of this writing it has just over 47,300 signatures.

"This petition is made in regards to Hip Hop international Artist Daniel Hernandez stage name (Tekashi 69) His Family , Fans , Friends & Supporters hope that the judge can grant this young man bail so he can get back with his family & continue to make great music for his fans while he fights this legal battle" the fundraiser reads. "Let’s show that this Rainbow hair rapper is a non threat to any community but is loved for all that he has done & the positive impact he has on others. We thank everyone for your love & support."

The plea is directed toward Judge Paul A. Engelmayer who has denied the rapper bail in the past, but seems to be open to a new bail package. And while no one knows who/what is behind the petition's creator, TWG. INC, it quickly exceeded its goal of 25,000 signatures due largely to the promotion from 6ix9ine's girlfriend.

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