Before Gucci Mane went to prison back in 2014, the legendary Atlanta rapper burned a lot of bridges. He's since managed to mend most of those friendships since returning home, but he never managed to sort out the problems between him and his former friend, Waka Flocka Flame. The two used to be incredibly close, but in 2017 Waka stated that he "ain't in my heart no more." However, it looks as if he's changed his tune.

"I don't got no more beef, arguments, smoke, anger towards nobody," he said in the video. "If we ever had problems, beef, anything I'm telling you right now, for me, it's over." He seems to be serious about it, too, going so far as to say that he's ready to sort everything out with Gucci Mane. "Aye Gucci, let's chat, sit the f**k down. All that playin' is over with. You know how to get me, big dawg. You call me."

When speaking about their problems in 2017, Waka stated, "You can give people so much opportunity to make it right. [...] That man know what he did. Deeper than music, deeper than anything anybody can even imagine." Thankfully, with Gucci's new outlook on life and Waka's offer to chat, it seems as if the two might be friends again sooner rather than later.