Soon, Travis Scott fans will be able to fully immerse themselves in the ASTROWORLD experience.

In a report that unfortunately includes the phrases "space cadets," "blaze a trail," and "half-baked," TMZ said Friday that Scott had "filed paperwork" to move the ASTROWORLD name into the weed accessories field. La Flame is reportedly trying to get the name on hookahs, bongs, pipes, and related items of self-care.

Though the documents apparently list the items' use as being for something called "tobacco," we all know that is absolutely merely a formality. Literally no one is planning to buy an official ASTROWORLD bong just to get a shitty tobacco session going. Scott previously made a similar ASTROWORLD move in the world of jewelry.

Earlier this week, the ASTRO-verse welcomed Skrillex and his take on the ubiquitous Drake-featuring mega-hit "SICKO MODE," a pairing which may actually mean additional collabs are afoot. "When we were kicking it and working a little bit on the remix, we were kind of hanging out in the studio and I ended up playing him a ton of more beats," Skrillex told Billboard earlier this week. "I like taking in everything organic and making everything natural. Doing something together in the future is definitely on the horizon, you know?"

One person who's not exactly buying what Scott is selling is Tommy Lee. The Mötley Crüe drummer, known for his acrobatic drum performances, has repeatedly expressed his disdain with Scott's ASTROWORLD - Wish You Were Here Tour stage design. Scott's legal rep, however, considers Lee's claims to have "no legal basis."