"Mo Bamba," the ominously constructed anthemic gift that keeps on giving, probably woke a lot of people up on last night's Tonight Show.

Sheck Wes brought his recently certified platinum MUDBOY cut to NBC Studios, on Halloween no less. Somehow, this perfectly crafted song (which benefits greatly from a happy accident by way of a freezing computer) fucking never gets old. Anyway, catch the performance up top via YouTube and, by all means, do note Wes' excellent Jeepers Creepers costume.  

The rest of MUDBOY, Wes' studio debut, is stacked with additional punk-nodding turn-ups that owe a lot to Wes' early entry into music. As he revealed earlier this year during an interview with Pigeons & Planes, he first started making songs at the age of 11.

"My mom came here in '93 to hustle and grind for her kids back in Africa," he said when asked about his parents' influence on his art. "My mom didn't know how to read or write. Now, my mom has started her own businesses. She's a mudgirl. Came from nothing. Same with my father. He came here in '95 and his whole come-up is the same way. It's in my blood. We just know how to work for it."

If you haven't allowed yourself the opportunity to hear "Mo Bamba," "Live Sheck Wes," or practically any other MUDBOY cut in a live setting with a massive group of strangers, then you're denying yourself one of life's last remaining joys. Seek it out and cherish it.