The Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade has always featured musicians lip-syncing their way through the streets of Manhattan. Still, Rita Ora became the focus of parade-watchers' ire after technical difficulties led to a spectacularly bad bit of play-acting.

After the 27-year-old pop star suffered ome technical issues, missing the cue for her song "Let You Love Me," Twitter went in on Ora. Unable to imagine equipment failures happening on the back of a rolling elf house pulled by Dodge trucks, the social media platform tore Ora apart for lip-syncing in sub-20-degree weather.

It got to the point that other singers felt the need to come to Ora's defense. John Legend jumped in to let the world know that absolutely everyone on the floats lip-syncs. 

Legend wanted fans to know that this didn't extend to his actual shows. He said that the parade is a special occasion in a follow-up.

Ora thanked Legend for defending her and said that she also sings live when she's able. 

Macy's offered a mea culpa, apologizing to artists who suffered technical difficulties while attempting to sing in the parade. The department store tweeted that the flubs were "out of the artist's control." 


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