A Jeopardy! contestant dropped the ball pretty hard on a non-Kid Cudi-related question.

The contestant was presented with a video of man who absolutely, not even remotely resembles Cudi and was told by Alex Trebek that he was "Kid Rock's DJ" and an "avuncular fellow." Some solid clues. As the headline of this post suggests, that man's name is Uncle Kracker, who, once again, does not look like Cudi. 

Check out the hilarious moment below. 

Yoooo this just happened on Jeopardy @KidCudi 😂😂😂😂😂#shootyourshot pic.twitter.com/lKucM7dPuO

— Ian Paul (@Pauleyyy3) November 28, 2018

Even Kid Cudi himself caught wind of it all and responded over Twitter with some emojis.

😂😭 https://t.co/OI7bFIiWVV

— The Chosen One (@KidCudi) November 28, 2018

The internet, expectedly, had a field day. Check out some reactions below.