Eminem fans who check Twitter daily now have two chances to catch Bodied for approximately $0.00

Thursday night, Em let fans know that the 6:40 screenings at the AMC 30 in Sterling Heights on Friday and Saturday had been bought out. Em co-produced the movie, so this makes sense.

Also on Friday, Bodied director Joseph Kahn (who's previously directed videos for Taylor Swift, Dr. Dre, and Em) was joined by stars Calum Worthy and Jackie Long for a 30-minute chat with The Breakfast Club. "The movie is about battle rap, it's a comedy," Kahn said Friday. "Eminem didn't come on, well, here's the thing. I knew Eminem was involved from the beginning but I didn't wanna say anything until he actually full signed on. The last thing Eminem wants is, like, a dude making a movie going around like, 'Yeah, Eminem is involved.'"

Kahn added that the film, which he's been wanting to make since before Em even released 8 Mile, was made "off the grid" intentionally. "It's a fun journey," Kahn said of the film's story, which centers on Worthy's character—a grad student—entering the battle rap world. "It looks like he's the hero, but by the end of it, I'll just let the audience decide."

Bodied is out now.