Dounia and Kehlani have shared the official music video for "Rich Girl Mood."

The visual, helmed by Tired Studio Production, follows the singer-songwriters as they take over an upscale store after it has closed. We see Dounia and Kehlani flashing stacks of money and drinking on champagne, as they're surrounding by racks of clothes and twerking women. The heist video compliments the track pretty well.

Kehlani sings:

Rich girl, yeah, she get it and spend it
When it come to the stores she selective
Keep it real cool calm and collected I'm biflexual; debit or credit?
I'm on a quality wave, every pic on my page
Keepin' me paid
You cut me open today, I'd prolly bleed chardonnay

if you cut me open today.. i’ll prolly bleed chardonnay 🥂 #RGM @dounia

— Kehlani (@Kehlani) November 28, 2018

You can watch the "Rich Girl Mood" video above. The track appears on Dounia's new project The Avant-Garden, which is now available over on streaming services like Apple Music and Spotify. The 10-track project includes titles like "Hard Candy," Darija Freestyle," and "50/50," as well as an appearance by Breakfast n Vegas.