Sometimes the best path toward distracting yourself from your own acute existential crisis is to deeply invest energy into the social media trollings of 50 Cent.

As you'll recall, or maybe not, Monday brought wind of 50's toothless debate with Juelz Santana in which 50 trolled the Dipset member with a photo showing the alleged toothlessness. Another post from 50 followed, this time complete with a flashed smile. "Right now I want you to thank God for the small things you have in your life that are great you know like your teeth," 50 said in one caption. "That Lean ain't no joke. Positive vibes."

Juelz responded, at first—reportedly, anyway—calling out 50 for his Photoshop skills. The amended caption now reads, simply, "Next."

Now, 50 has shared a side-by-side edit of two of those images with the subtly expressed desire of maybe keeping this toothless debate moving forward. And yes, 50 is still all about the seemingly tongue-in-cheek "positive vibes."

Wow. This, of course, doesn't mark the first extended public disagreement between the two. There was also that whole airport thing earlier this year.

Anyway, this has nothing to do with 50 and Juelz's toothless debate, but while you're here: Maybe consider reading through this guide on how to help Woolsey Fire first responders. Shit's dire.

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