Trae The Truth just dropped off two new videos.

"This is one of my favorite songs off the 48 Hours Later tape," Trae told Complex of the "Friends " video. "It brings Texas culture back to where we started, the Screw era. Rest in peace, Screw and Fat Pat." As for "Dayz I Prayed," Trae said he crafted the melodies as a nod to his original style. "This is the first song I recorded after I stopped rapping to save lives for a year straight, and one of my favorites," he said. "The melodies bring my original style back."

Thursday, Trae hit Complex with the exclusive premiere of both "Friends" and "Dayz I Prayed." Catch the new video for the 48 Hours Later and Hometown Hero cuts up top and below, respectively:

Earlier this month, Trae visited Florida in an effort to help those affected by Hurricane Michael damage. "Florida needs help right now," he said in an Instagram video upon arrival. "I've been through a lot of disasters and seen a lot of things and I ain't never seen nothing like this. Houses ripped off foundations, trees sticking through the roof, cars and RVs and buses flipped. They need help . . . When we say 'Help Florida,' we mean helping everybody, not just one section." Trae was previously among those honored during Houston's Harvey Heroes Day for his efforts in helping rebuild the Texas city following Hurricane Harvey.

A petition has also been started in an effort to end the Radio One and Urban One ban of Trae's music.