Stefan James is seeking to set himself apart from his R&B contemporaries, and his new video for “Situation” emphasizes his willingness to truly represent his life in his music.

James finds himself in the middle of a bar, which serves as the stage for his encounter with a love interest with mysteries of her own. Further in the video, the two realize they share more similarities than differences, as they can be seen indulging in each other’s company, as well as cigarettes, alcohol, and cocaine—vices the artist has struggled with and overcome in real life. 

Rather than shying away from these past experiences, James chooses to embrace it. His brutally honest lyrics are as captivating as his vocal ability, and both work in tandem to help provide insight into the life he has lived up until this point. After a near-death experience with drugs, as well as the untimely passing of his older brother, James decided to kick his addictions in pursuit of his aspiration to become an R&B staple of this generation.

And as for anyone who listens to his music and is dealing with the tribulations he has dealt with, his advice is simple: “When you’re feeling down, just put a couple of my songs on and cry or smile. Whatever you have to do to get through that moment. You’re not alone.”

Check out the video for “Situation” above and grab the single on iTunes.