Slowthai has delivered yet another powerful performance in the video for new track "Rainbow". Directed by The Rest, this captivating visual is concept-rich. Focusing on the stereotypical perception that society has towards those of a more mixed cultural background, here we see Slowthai raise from the place where all humans are made equal: the grave.

A brief confrontation with the feds (and a cameo from the TGF guys) stall a haunting transition as he transforms into a wild ape. This idea interweaves British culture with the original methodology behind the original King Kong flick—for this film has never just been about a giant ape. We see the Empire State Building substituted for Big Ben, an iconic British landmark. But there's a subtle irony in all of this: Slowthai, a wild ape, is now on top, with the powers that line the walls of the Houses of Parliament below.

In his powerful uprising, Slowthai breaks free from the shackles society has cast upon his ankles—but an oppressed Slowthai must have his downfall, proving that not every rainbow has a pot of gold at the end, as the rapper gets shot and falls to his untimely demise. Chase your own rainbow—this one is for the culture.