South East London's Only Girl has already whipped up a healthy amount of buzz in a relatively short amount of time. Much of that praise comes down to her recognising, and making good use of, R&B's soul and gospel roots. Now she's planning for the release of her upcoming new EP, Release (due Nov. 7 via Lemon Records), and we've just been given the visuals for the titular track. As we've said, the song itself has an almost spiritual quality to it and that's reflected in the ethereal haze in the video. Co-directed by Only Girl and Olivia Lockwood, the entirety of the production was crewed by an all-female team, something it seems is very fitting for the video, as Only Girl herself explains below.

"I had an idea in my head of creating this beautiful dreamy pastel world to convey the message behind the track and Liv and Alice helped me to translate this vision so beautifully," the singer explained to Complex over email. "The song is all about a guy refusing to give the closure that's needed to move on, so I wanted to portray all the times I'd sat with girlfriends and spoken about these men who affect our lives so intensely; searching for the answers and advice to help you through. I wanted to convey the closeness and intimacy of my friendships with the girls when we all get together and really pour our hearts out, so the video actually features two of my best friends, Sasha and Danielle, alongside a dancer Lydia who's worked with me on previous videos."

The EP will be launched at a sold out show at a secret location in London on Nov. 22, alongside several tour dates across the UK, including a headline show at London's Omeara, Apr. 4, 2019.