Having spun records across the globe at venues ranging from Space in Ibiza to fashion parties for Lacoste, Paris-based selector Mosey has now turned his hand to production. The inspiration for creating his own music came from a desire to have music no one had ever heard in his sets. Initially, he hounded his favourite artists before deciding the quickest way to achieve it was to create his own. 

"So Damn Funky" is the first track to emerge from this new creative avenue and it sees him call on the talents of 19-year-old Parisian vocalist Bonita. Production-wise, "So Damn Funky" combines Mosey's love for both hip-hop and French house music. The result is a fun, unpretentious bit of dance music.

Mosey explained his thoughts behind the track: "At a time when all of us, myself included, can get so obsessed with image and finding beauty in contrived ways, I just felt the need to create something fun and playful without any other thoughts."

Catch Mosey when he DJs in London for Juicebox on Nov. 1 at Momo's in Soho.