As the days get shorter, the nights colder, and we transition from autumn into winter, we're going to need some music to match that mood. It's a good job then that Hanz, a Norwegian producer, has delivered a new dreamy, melancholic single in "Ambivalence" featuring US artist Emawk. Emawk's vocals provide a warm energy to slot around the moody synths of the production, and ultimately delivers a more soothing experience than the song title suggests.

Speaking about the track, Hanz told Complex:

"When I started the writing process for 'Ambivalence', my hometown was covered in a blanket of white snow. This winter was especially long and, even though the snow was beautiful, I was getting very tired of it. This inspired me to make something with a clear contrast: soft and tender chords with hard and knocking drums. I tried adding different instruments and changing up the drums, but nothing seemed to fit. I started looking for vocalists and Emawk was the perfect artist for the track. The song is my way of capturing the feeling of ambivalence—conflicted and unsure."

Listen exclusively below.