Bette Midler, in an attempt to show off her feminist awareness this week, instead publicized just how culturally blind-sighted so many "progressive" white women can be. What was likely a response to Brett Kavanaugh's confirmation hearings, the actress quoted John Lennon and Yoko Ono's song "Woman Is The N***** Of The World" on Twitter, whose lyrics explain the plight of women. Following the tweet, the actress has taken heat from fans and fellow celebrities, prompting her to apologize for her ignorance. 

Killer Mike, the rapper and activist, told TMZ that he has accepted Midler's apology, however, he underlines the root of the issue and challenges the angry black woman stereotype. Mike explains that while we continue to live in a society built upon "white male patriarchy," no one is treated worse than black women.

"The grain of truth whether it's there or not in terms of women being treated by their male counterparts, it starts with White male European patriarchy. So in terms of the first person oppressed by White male patriarchy [...] was going to be person laying next to them. But ultimately, it's not the type of truth to try to associate yourself with because Black women are treated worse than anyone," Mike explains.

He continues by defining what the role of allies should be and challenging the woke white woman trend that often leads to racial and cultural insensitivity. He also cites Jane Elliott, a white woman, as someone he learned from when it comes to advocating for the cause. "We need more than allies. We need co-conspirators [...] Your ass needs to be next to Angela Davis and advocating what she's advocating for," he says.