Currensy visited the Mostly Football set, where co-host Martellus Bennett shared a special memory about copping a luxury car that doubled as praise for the rapper's music. The Super Bowl champ and former NFL tight end bought a two-door Bentley Continental GT, and christened it with Spitta cuts.

"When I got my first Bentley, there's only some music that you can play in it. And your music is built to drive the Bentley," Bennett said, before sharing where he pulled up for experience. "The first place I went in the Bentley was to Popeyes."

Currensy also showed off his weed strain Andretti OG, and explained why he releases so much free music instead of always making fans purchase it. "If I just put out the tapes up for free, the people like the music so much they want to hear me perform it, they want to see me do it. Because they already have it in their phones," he said. "That's kind of how it evens out."

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