Bhad Bhabie continues her press tour around her debut mixtape 15. In her latest interview with Power 106 Los Angeles, the red-headed teen breaks down why she thinks Kanye and Lil Pump’s hit song “I Love It” is garbage.

“I listen to the trashest rappers you could ever imagine,” Bhabie explains, referencing rising rappers like Trippie Redd and Lil Skies. “That’s why I know I can call this song trash and actually be calling it trash. Because if it takes me calling it trash, then it has to be fucking garbage. When I go back and listen to some of the stuff that I listened to before, I’m just like, ‘Damn shorty you was tweaking.’”

The point Bhabie is trying to make here, is that as someone who has listened to many SoundCloud rappers before they got famous, she can smell bullshit when she hears it. “I can tell when someone has a good voice and they can actually do something with their voice,” she says, before getting back to “I Love It.” “I personally think it’s a reach. I think they went in there specifically and was like, ‘Let’s make the worst song we can make ever,’ and then they did it.”

Host Felli Fel pushes back, suggesting Ye’s “Lift Yourself” actually fulfills that goal. “This tops that,” she argues.

Of course, the interview couldn’t take place without at least one Cardi B vs. Nicki Minaj question. Ever since the Billboard Music Awards, the 15-year-old has become the rap equivalent of a CNN analyst when it comes to the beef. As she did earlier this week, Bhabie criticized Nicki for being too pressed over the situation.

“Is she gonna get mad at someone saying they like Iggy Azalea? No. It’s just because now it’s her name up against Cardi. It doesn’t even have to be Nicki or Cardi. If someone says, ‘Do you like Cardi?' Nicki’s gonna get mad, and you can’t be like that,” Bhabie says. “People are allowed to like other artists. Nicki has been in the game for so long. There’s no reason for stuff like this to be going on. Nicki knows she’s an OG.”

The teen dropped her debut mixtape 15 last month. This week she also released a remix of her song “Gucci Flip Flops” with Snoop Dogg and Plies.