Amir Obè didn't waste any time. 

Less than two months after he released the first installment of his his Can’t Be A ___ Here series, the Detroit rapper has rolled out a stunning visual for two new tracks, "Romeo" and "Juliet." The records appear on Amir's newly released EP, Can’t Be A ___ Here: Chapter 2.

Directed by Sebastian Sdaigui, the nearly eight-minute video is a modern take on Shakespeare's classic tale of star-crossed lovers. It takes cues from the 1996 Romeo and Juliet film starring Leonardo DiCaprio, as the swords are replaced with guns, the masquerade ball is replaced with a house party, and the warring families are replaced with gangsters.

“Inspiration behind the video pretty much follows behind the audio. When I created these two records I was thinking visually, like scoring a visual before a treatment was even an idea," Obè told Complex. "I wanted to lean toward creating a cinematic atmosphere for Chapter 2 of CBA_H. At the time I was looking for inspiration of timeless music/literature/film that dealt with toxic relationships and youthful love. That was pretty much where the foundation, the story of Romeo and Juliet had to be interpreted my own way while handling the tough task of getting as much off as I could in two tracks. It was very experimental, but NYLZ and I enjoyed the process.”

You can check out the video for "Romeo" and "Juliet" above. Can’t Be A ___ Here: Chapter 2 is available to stream now on Apple Music/iTunes and Spotify. The three-track project includes the previously released single "Bloodshot."