Last week saw the return of T.I. in a big way. Dropping not one, but two new tracks from his long-awaited new album, Dime Trap, the Atlanta rapper also shared the news that he had signed with Epic Records for the release of his forthcoming tenth studio release. Joined by Southern rapper Yo Gotti on the hard-hitting "Wraith" and Meek Mill on the Latin-infused "Jefe," he's now giving the latter a new push with a video.

Featuring T.I. and Meek Mill walking into a scene of a shootout, all the victims begin to party the second they walk in. It's exactly the kind of visual treatment that suits the tone of the track, channeling the eccentricity of the Bangladesh-produced beat.

T.I. dropped his last studio album, Paperwork, back in 2014, which was released through Columbia Records. The rapper has been talking about Dime Trap ever since 2015, telling MovieWeb in 2015, "It's going to be an extension or a continuation of the vibe from Trap Muzik. I feel like when you've done hits like 'Whatever You Like' and 'Dead and Gone,' when you do those mainstream kind of 'Blurred Lines'-ish  kind of records, you don't go and try and top 'Blurred Lines.'"

From the sounds of what he's talking about regarding the upcoming album, and what we've heard so far with "Jefe" and "Wraith," the T.I. is returning to the basics with Dime Trap, due out on Grand Hustle/Epic. Tip hasn't revealed when the project is coming just yet, but it seems like it could be arriving before the end of the year.