Indian-American duo THEMXXNLIGHT caught a big break earlier this year when they attracted the attention of Wiz Khalifa, who featured them on his long-awaited Rolling Papers 2. Not only did they appear on one record ("Mr. Williams"), they also co-wrote three songs. In other words, Wiz is a huge fan, and it's easy to see why.

Ahead of their upcoming debut EP, XX, the 22-year-old twins have shared "All Alone," which is produced by Sledgren, Batman on the Beats, OZZIE, and AkaRashad.

"This single 'All Alone' means so much to us," they told Complex. "It’s the first step into our first dedicated project, our upcoming EP titled XX. We have four producers on this track specifically, because it shows how powerful and versatile the sound and movement is that we aim to lead. The song is a love story. All our songs on the EP are love stories, but with 'All Alone,' it really digs deep into the listeners’ emotions."

Setting a clear thematic tone for the EP, they added, "With the EP as a whole, our listeners will feel an immediate connection with at least one of the love stories and will be able to relate it to a relationship they have experienced themselves as well. That’s the goal. We combine elements of our Indian background to bring a whole new world, sound and emotion to the table.”

Listen to "All Alone" above.