Alina Baraz kicked off the year in style with her fantastic nine-song project The Color of You, which followed her 2015 EP Urban Flora. Giving listeners a taste of what the singer-songwriter is capable of, Color saw her at her absolute best. But now, Baraz is besting herself once again with the release of her stunning new song "Feels Right."

Speaking with High Snobiety, which premiered the song Friday, Baraz said, "It's really cool because it ended up being a demo. So I kind of knew the day I made it, that was it. I hate recreating songs and I just knew this one would end up as the demo. Which is ultimately a testament to the song because the song is about letting go, letting the emotion in, and letting the feeling overtake you."

"Feels Right" also has a self-directed video with creative direction from Amber Park; it sees Baraz surrounded by soft lights and pastel colors straight out of a vintage R&B visual. "Just playing with different textures, each room is a different installation in itself," she told High Snobiety. "Everything needed to feel rooted from the moment."

It's not been too long since she delivered The Color of You, but Alina Baraz is already making the most of her return.