Kanye West wasn't the only hip-hop star to appear on Saturday Night Live's season opener.

The rapper's good friend and collaborator Kid Cudi made a brief cameo early in an early skit centered on cast member Kyle Mooney. Here's a little break down for those who missed the skit: Mooney opens up about his place on the show, and how he still feels neglected after six seasons. The comedian says he was confident that he would finally break out this year; however, his dreams were shattered by news of Pete Davidson's engagement to Ariana Grande.

We then see Mooney becoming envious of all the attention his castmate is receiving, so much so that he decides he has to make a change if he truly wants to leave his mark. So, what does he do? He tries to become Davidson.

Mooney dyes his her blond, ups his weed intake, gets a famous girlfriend (Wendy Williams) and eventually steals Cudi as a friend.

"Yo, Cudi. I hit you earlier wanting to hang out," Davidson asks the rapper as he's laughing it up with Mooney. "How come you didn't hit me back?

"Oh, I guess I was just, uh, busy," Cudi replies.

Davidson then decides to call Mooney out: "Yo, Kyle. Why you stealin' my look and my friends? Don't you know I have mental problems?"

The two then get in a mild scuffle before they decide to battle it out the "Saturday Night Live" way: a fight to the death.

Check out clips of the skit below.