A few months ago, we told you about rising Ukranian star Ivan Dorn and his campaign to help children in Uganda with his Power Of Afrika documentary. The campaign aimed to found and support a music and dance school over there.

Taking a break from that, Dorn's now back with some new music. "Opomnis", featuring fellow Ukranian Vakula, is the latest track and, whether you understand the lyrics or not, it's pretty infectious. To match the understated quirkiness of the track itself, Dorn's enlisted director Mitty Misura to provide the visuals. As the song unfolds, so too do the surreal images of Dorn and the various characters walking on water, synchronised swimming and generally playing around in a swimming pool.

Speaking with Complex over email, Ivan told us: "Every time I'm working with Mitty Misura, it looks like I'm totally out of my mind, which is absolutely adorable, and as for video it works in a positive way. Therefore, both the song and the video are asking — what is normal for the modern society? Are we crazy in our way of life, vision of the universe and to the sum of things? And what about all the people who're in sympathy with us, are they normal?" 

Check the video out above.