With the full Best Of The Best EP from Sergio Mendes and MC Jumanji being released through the pair's American Grime label later this week, the remix to the Viral Punk-produced "Group Track" by 3RDi is ready and waiting to be listened to.

Fans of UK grime are likely to be impressed with the quality of bars and delivery here, with each spitter lacing the haunting backdrop with ease. Both versions feature a huge list of MCs, including Werd2Jah, DOS, Argyle Bixby, Knoxz, 3iJoe, Twisty and co-head of the label, Jumanji.

On the remix, 3RDi provides a more rounded, funky energy and a spacious, futuristic style to the production, compared to the more grime-centered original which you can hear when the full project drops this Friday (Sept. 21). 

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