New York City native Jackie Cruz is a double threat: while she plays Marisol “Flaca” Gonzales on Netflix’s smash hit Orange Is the New Black, she also has a penchant for melody. She shows off her chops in the new video “La Hora Loca,” premiering today via Complex.

“‘La Hora Loca’ (The Crazy Hour) is a tradition in my country. When the party is dying down at a wedding, ‘La Hora Loca’ happens,” Cruz explains. “People on stilts hand out carnival masks, whistles blow, drums thump and the party goes wild.”

In the video—which was teased earlier this week on MTV—Cruz goes back to her roots, singing to a crowd in both Spanish and English. 

“The title itself is not related to the song’s message. I named my song ‘La Hora Loca’ as a homage to my country that I love. The song tells the story of a past relationship where all responsibilities fell on me, so the next person I settle down with is going to have to work.”

She continues, “I’m no stranger to hard work, but that doesn’t mean I don’t deserve more of an equal relationship. In the beginning of the song, it says, ‘Melba trame el cafe.’ My abuela’s name is Melba and after a long day of work my grandpa would still yell out to her ‘tráeme el cafe’ (translated to bring me the coffee). I never understood why he couldn’t get up and get it himself when they both work hard. This song is to encourage women who are and will become strong and independent and inspire them to not settle for less than what they deserve in every area in their lives.”

Watch the video for “La Hora Loca” above and grab the song on iTunes here.