Sometimes rap beefs start over the smallest comments, and the newly formed back and forth between Hopsin and Joyner Lucas is certainly one of those beefs. When a fan asked Hopsin who would win in a rap battle between him and Joyner Lucas, Hopsin replied, "That's a dumb question that I'm sure you already know the answer to." Not long after, Joyner caught wind of the tweet, replying, "Hold Up. Hopsin wtf is that supposed to mean???"

Hopsin made it clear he wasn't playing around, clearly baiting both him and Logic. "Stay in your lane bro," he tweeted in response, while adding, "I will beak you soul."

It only escalated from there, at which point it got personal. Joyner subsequently tweeted, "U still in the same place for the last 10 years now."

It remains to be seen if either of the rappers will release diss tracks directed at one another or if they're just playing.