This week on Open Late, Peter Rosenberg's one-on-one sit-down was with rapper Famous Dex. During the interview, they got into a number of situations Dex has experienced, ranging from his issues with Rich the Kid to losing both of his parents. Rosenberg didn't want to shy away from another terrible situation: the domestic violence incident from 2016, where Dex attacked his girlfriend.

"I was wrong to put my hands on a woman," Dex explained at the 17:20 mark in the video above. "If you even do that [taps Rosenberg's leg] to a woman, you're wrong. She knew I was wrong and she know that I'm not perfect. And she believed in giving me another chance."

Dex continued, "I thank God there wasn't no jail behind that stuff... a lesson is a blessing." He also said his children will find out about this incident one day, and "they will know that life isn't easy, nobody's perfect, and once you make one mistake, don't make the second mistake. You always learn from that mistake."

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