At the beginning of June, Chief Keef was shot at outside of the W Hotel in New York City ar around 5 a.m., although thankfully, the shooters missed. Quickly fleeing the scene, the suspects reportedly stalked Keef throughout the day leading up to the incident. 6ix9ine, who had been involved in a beef with the Chicago rapper, was later investigated by police for suspected involvement. Now, Keef is involved in another unfortunate incident, and once again shots were fired.

As TMZ reports, three alleged burglars were caught by police outside of Keef's L.A. home. Plainclothes officers were patrolling the area due to a high number of burglaries in the neighborhood Keef resides, and on Sunday (Sept. 23) at 11:15 p.m. they came across three suspects. The burglars reportedly hopped over a wall and threw bricks to break a window at the San Fernando Valley home, and at least one of them managed to get into his home.

Making off with some of Keef's items, one of the three burglars were stopped by the LAPD officers. Before they managed to get the third culprit, however, he managed to make off in a getaway car. TMZ notes that one of the suspects fired a shot, although no one was harmed. Keef was home during the entire ordeal, but when cops went to the house and spoke to him, he said he had no idea that it even took place.

The two arrested suspects are being booked on burglary and weapons charges, with police having recovered two firearms.